Warning: Gore


The green used to be the only kind of our race, but our first matriarch believed we might fail to thrive in our current galaxy; Though we were left in peace, it was only due to our intellect.

Our interplanetary neighbors hadn’t gained as much knowledge as we had outside of their own worlds; None of them had even known we and others existed among them at that time… But the prospect of our futures ending prematurely had terrified us.

The others were better than us on a physical scale.

They, in comparison to us, were stronger…

And faster…

With innate characteristics we had only theorized of existing.

If they had known about us, there would be no contest on who would come out on top.

Equipped with only our intellect and gadgets, the true Sixamians did what they could to prevent the demise of our race. The green of our past had to force evolutionary change in order to survive.

Through research…

And experimentation…

…We gained the attributes we needed to conquer by splicing our DNA with the others.

Once we were able to stabilize our modified DNA, we had to secure our rank—And that meant to subdue all that may sabotage the glory that is Sixam until they were no more…

…Quelling countless races to submit to us as their leaders.

But now in the present, what our ancestors believed would prevent our extinction had become the bane of the remnant tone of our species.

Because we have complete control of this section of the galaxy, many of my kind believe we are the pinnacle of evolution. There is no one on this planet that will agree to change our current system and hierarchy, for it is “flawless.”

I am the only one who wishes to combat tradition, for I believe that idyllic state is unrealistic and impossible.

We cannot possibly be the only absolute being, for that would imply that we have already reached the end of our time in this galaxy, as well as the end to our reign… Therefore, the only purpose for us now is to make do with what we have accomplished, then fade away.

I do not want to accept the outcome of disappearing into nothingness.

It is unfortunate that only a handful of us believe this, those being my green comrades—My social standing is fairly poor as a green. The lowest rank, the so-called useless tone of our empire—Voicing my opinion aloud will only garner attention from military personnel, and I will be classified as an insurgent.

Just as the caregiver of my pod was.

When many would say, “no one should be able to create life other than the birth queen,” he did not agree. Our caregiver was considered unusual when compared to most green. He strived to teach more than the standard ideology of how our birth queen was our one and only savior. His theories allowed us to consider alternate routes to achieve similar goals and challenged us at every waking hour.

To most in my pod, he was often described as vexatious; But to me, he was my idol.

It soon came to light that my designated caregiver was associated with pollination technicians—an underground association rumored to be against the current birth queen and her system.

However, as I understand it, pollination technicians only exist to counteract our dwindling population.

The main assignment all pollination technicians have is to attempt replication of our species. This is done by using other compatible species to bear Sixamian offspring, or utilizing their own bodies as carriers; Though the latter is far too risky…

The process begins by implanting seminal fluid into cloned copies of an artificial ovum, then injecting organisms from a neighboring planet to bear our species.

The technicians would track and monitor each inseminated carrier, then arrive when the fetus is mature enough to separate from them.

Once collected, they would dispose of all evidence pertaining to their involvement.

This practice is illegal, as it goes against the belief that our birth queen is the only one that gives us life. Sixamian offspring born outside of Sixam are often not accepted into our society once it is confirmed, despite the irony of the fact that Sixamians are no longer pure…

When my caregiver was discovered and found guilty of treason against the birth queen due to his practice, both he and many of his sympathizers were subdued.

The Alpha superiors made an example of them in front of the offspring they were assigned to in order to assure we would not stray from under the rule of our matriarch.

But watching my caregiver terminated in front of me had the opposite effect; It was at that moment I became enlightened.

For what use is power when the world had already been conquered? From the beginning, us Sixamians had always strived to secure our race. For what other reason should we take the lives of our own?

There was something amiss on Sixam…

…And I intended to discover it.

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have u ever been so traumatized by a loved one’s death that the best way to cope with it was to decide the way your whole society works is a conspiracy for self-destruction?

gideon has

ever since he was fetus years old

25 thoughts on “01: TECHNICIAN

  1. Okay, let’s see If I got it right.

    The green race was the smart race, and upon realizing that the other living creatures in the nearby planets were more physically powerful then them, decided to, by the use of Science, making *some* of then a genetic weapon.

    Said weapons were used to wipe out any kind of threat to the Sixam empire before they developed some kind inteligence, as, along with their physical atributes, they coud end the Sixam population.

    It surely must lead to some kind of moral crisis when you are taught to belive that the state of society you are in is the best.This means things will never change, and if you wish for something to be diferent, that should cause some great nervousness.

    I wonder how the queen became their ”God”. And again, how would Gideon even begin changing their current society situation.

    Green Comrads??? Gideon wants to start a communist revolution on Sixam confirmed. Let the prolatarian class, that is the green guys, be the new ones in charge!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, you got it!

      Since everyone is basically cattle that blindly follow the birth queen, any other idea is banned–But since Gideon’s caregiver was opposed from the government at the start, he used the innate wants to expand knowledge of the younger population to try and brainwash them out of the societal norm
      So now we have Gideon who’s rationalizing the low birth rates as an attack on themselves and not just casually accepting it like a majority

      There are a few who think the same way he does, but they don’t act on it, more like an “this is my opinion, but i dont wanna die so yea go queen 🎉”
      Luckily, Gideon doesn’t want to sit back and relax, so now we got this story ✨

      The birth queen is considered their God because that pussy 2 good she gave birth to them all, and without her, they wouldn’t exist. Something along those lines and that the pussy 2 good


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  2. I love Sourocha for breaking it down for me! This is so much fun. Yes, she’s Godess cause she was all of their mommies. Geez. Or sister or whatever. But she’s the reason they be. Go Gideon! Fix this mess.

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  3. PUT THIS INTO A MOVIE IMMEDIATELY like with a few billions for special effects and everything associated with a scifi movie thank you
    I’m tired, can’t say more lol other than I’m already absolutely intrigued and thirsting for more chapters, which is rare after only two of them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If it was a movie, I need Doug Jones to play all of my aliens, I love him, he’s amazing and my favorite monster actor ❤❤❤❤❤

      I’m happy you’re enjoying it so far! Hope it keeps your interest in the long run 🤗

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  4. I agree with MrsRacooney but only if the movie’s still made by slaving away in Blender. (in all seriousness it can be a seriously impressive program and all open-source to boot. Blender animated movies are a visual treat)
    Love this fight against the Sixam death penalty

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My brain’s still dead so I literally thought of an animated blender movie where it takes turns whirring and idling, being plugged and unplugged for 1 1/2hrs

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