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We meet Colony Drone #2474, a Sixamian engineer/hobby inventor who explains what living on Sixam is like as a simple colony drone, as well as the Sixamian monarchy and hierarchy.

Due to Sixam’s strict monarchy, there is only one female allowed to rule and exist; Though it is biologically possible for colony drones to have “children” among themselves, it isn’t allowed.

He notes his disagreement with how Sixam is run, and his wish to change it.


Colony Drone #2474 begins explaining Sixam’s close past and the existence of Pollination Technicians.

True Sixamians are what Sixamians were before they voluntarily forced mutation to survive in order to take control of their little corner of the galaxy. Despite the Sixamians being more advanced than their neighbors, they were a very paranoid race and believed their neighbors will one day surpass them. By mutating their DNA, they believed this will give them an advantage to defend themselves against them.

However, once they were able to stabilize their mutated forms, they began to assert their dominance throughout their galaxy through countless wars and have now settled at the top of the food chain and consider the Leykl System their empire.

In present day Sixam, Colony Drone #2474 states they’ve become too lax in not only maintaining their defenses, but their population as well. Sixam’s population is in an unusual decline, and Colony Drone #2474 believes it is the fault of the matriarchy and the Birth Queen.

He goes on to explain that his “pod leader,” or designated father figure/caregiver, was a pollination technician who supported this claim. This colony drone meant a lot to him, but was brutally murdered in front of him at a young age. This makes Colony Drone #2474 firm in his resolve to demolish the matriarchy.


Colony Drone #8735, a teenage colony drone with shaky hands and a limp is introduced. As a contrast to Colony Drone #2474’s confidence in changing the matriarchy, Colony Drone #8735 is a depressive, angst-ridden colony drone who feels like dying is the only option he’s got left.

Being considered a lackluster runt of the litter, he hates being Green and is bullied by his “podmates.”

While in an attempt to drown himself, he’s momentarily bothered by one of his assailants.


We rejoin Colony Drone #2474, who explains one of the consequences of treason: Exile. In Sixam, there is a planet that many exiled colony drones are deposited to die.

This planet is Earth.

Many Sixamians believe that Earth’s main inhabitants, Humans, are savages that desecrate Sixamian bodies for pleasure. (They also think vampires and other fantasy-tier creatures are real and are human-subtypes.)

To Colony Drone #2474, he thinks those rumors and tales about humans and Earth are completely baseless, and instead finds them all interesting. Comparing human biology with their own, he believes humans are the answer to their dwindling population and that they should totally make human farms where they can grow Sixamian offspring.

He’s also really into watching home shopping networks.


Colony Drone #8735 is forced to steal an alpha biosuit by a colony drone he calls his only friend because he hits him the least.

Yeah, that’s it lmao


Colony Drone #2474 explains his hobby and talent of making gadgets. One of his notable inventions was a universal translator he created during one of Sixam’s last few wars. As a reward for his support to the Sixamian empire, he was given the opportunity to have sex with the Birth Queen.

He hated it and wished he didn’t have to do it He didn’t have a great time, and he was kind of sad the birth queen didn’t bear his child, or anyone else for that matter.

Colony Drone #2474 explains the modification of his translator. Its new secondary use is the ability to mask the user, or “disguise” them to the calibrated race. However, he wasn’t able to test if it would successfully disguise him as a Human since Humans don’t exist on Sixam. In order to test his invention, he modifies a junior colony drone assignment he’ll be volunteering in to set a course for Earth.


Colony Drone #8735 was caught trying to steal a biosuit by his caregiver, who’s severely disappointed in him. His grades are apparently so bad that the grading program fails to give him a grade that isn’t in the negative. However, Colony Drone #8735 confesses that he literally hacked his grades so he could fail because he doesn’t want to believe he actually got good grades.

In short, getting good grades didn’t fit his aesthetic so he fails himself.

i luv failing

After a few colorful words, his caregiver gives him a simple sample-return assignment to planet Etrobos, but Colony Drone #8735 realizes that the navigation course is set to Earth, Sixam’s rumored exile planet.

Colony Drone #8735 decides he’ll get to Earth so he can finally kill himself.


Colony Drone #2474 embarks on his journey to Earth, chaperoning two colony drones; One of them being Colony Drone #8735, a colony drone who was taught under his own brother. Despite his brother telling him that Colony Drone #8735 is completely inept, he figures out that he actually isn’t, but doesn’t understand why he’s making himself this way.

He also realizes that he’s actively being bullied, which is an unusual concept to Colony Drone #2474.

On their way to Earth, they are attacked by a rogue Sixamian ship owned by a “Colony Drone #1139” and they crash. It’s odd for a Sixamian ship to shoot their own, even by accident, and this event bothers Gideon.


Colony Drone #8735 blames himself for being a bad pilot and not modifying the trajectory of the ship to off himself instead. He finds Colony Drone #2474 weird for being enthusiastic about learning things and being Green is great when he thinks being a Green Sixamian sucks.

Colony Drone #8735 also notes the rumors of the current Birth Queen being a tyrant who kills other non-Blue female offspring, as well as the power struggle between blue and purple Sixamians.

It’s also in this chapter that Colony Drone #8735 confesses that he finds Colony Drone #2474 kinda hot despite him being really annoying with his positive attitude and outlook in regards to Colony Drone #8735’s status. He eventually concedes to Colony Drone #2474’s positivity just to make him shut up, while still plotting his own demise to die at the hands of a human.


Colony Drone #2474 starts pondering and finds it weird Sixam didn’t bother expanding their empire past the Leykl system when Earth seems easy to take over, then begins thinking about the unusual Sixamian vessel that attacked them and the possibilities as to why.

Colony Drone #8735’s curiosity about the humans and their abilities make Colony Drone #2474 worried that his junior is afraid of them, and decides to tell him of his invention to adapt to Earth territory by disguising himself as a human as a protective measure.


Colony Drone #8735 thinks Colony Drone #2474 is insane for wanting to “become human” because Sixamians are drilled with the knowledge that their current state is known as the pinnacle of evolution and that they are perfect beings already.

He thinks a little more and rejects his prior idea that Colony Drone #2474 is insane and now thinks that he’s actually a prophet from the “Stars” meant to kill him so he could finally die. However, this isn’t true, and the misunderstanding causes him to expose his fluctuating emotions. Excessively strong emotions are dire to Sixamians, since its the root of their madness.

Colony Drone #2474 explains the importance of biosuit maintenance to help alleviate emotional shifts, while Colony Drone #8735 thinks about one of his operations as a child to eliminate his childhood seizures.

11: NAME

Colony Drone #2474 explains a little more about Sixamian emotional shifts and the issues that arise because of them, then tests his invention.

He prepares his invention with the objective of scouting the premises, and transforms.

Colony Drone #2474 decides on the human name “Gideon Galloway,” a name he became fond of because it’s the same name as the human he watches on an intercepted broadcast of a home shopping network channel.

The “name” was nice to hear—It was the same name as the human I would see on intercepted broadcasts. They would speak in a very lively voice on a late broadcast the humans would refer to as a “shopping network.” I am unable to interpret human dialect fluently, but every time he spoke, I felt the need to “call-in” to purchase whatever object Gideon Galloway would have on display.
– Colony Drone #2474, Gideon (“11: NAME”)

When he transforms into his human disguise, he realizes that verbal communication with Colony Drone #8735 fails to work and considers the possibility of the translator not working correctly due to the additional function of the disguise.


Colony Drone #8735 thinks about destroying Colony Drone #2474’s invention because it’s considered treason, and having evidence of said treason would have him eventually executed. He also thinks his invention didn’t turn him human because he thinks humans are supposed to look the way astronauts do.

Was my comrade incorrect in execution? Or perhaps his invention failed to incorporate the true human skin, the kind with growths of flashing mechanical additions…? Humans I had seen had a large cranium, with a singular optic. They often carried tools that would be used to disintegrate their enemies!
…But my senior comrade looked nothing of the sort.

– Colony Drone #8735, Nico (“12: REPAIR”)

He goes on to state his beliefs of how human beings are supposed to look like, then his mind wanders about the size of Colony Drone #2474’s penis(es). …Yeah

Colony Drone #8735 decides to get his mind off of that and starts repairing parts of the ship, while also thinking about the strange Sixamian ship that shot them down. As a pilot in training, Colony Drone #8735’s studies on the type of ship that attacked them make him doubt the ship was actually one of theirs. To ease his curiosity, he begins to study the recording of the mysterious ship when the scanners detect a non-Sixamian biosign approaching the ship.

Colony Drone #8735 immediately drops what he’s doing to investigate the unusual figure.


While wandering around the area of their landing, Colony Drone #2474 finds out they’ve landed a little close to a human neighborhood and it makes him worried that it’ll make Colony Drone #8735 worried.

He meets a female human on his walk around the neighborhood, who’s startled by him. Because of her reaction and delayed responses, Colony Drone #2474 begins to doubt if he studied humans enough since he doesn’t understand what she’s doing.


Colony Drone #8735 is excited to meet what he believes is a human who will ultimately kill him. Despite the scan stating the size of the human will be small, he’s excited nonetheless. Hearing a wailing noise, he follows it and finds the “human” trapped between some rubble.

Because of its extremely small size, he assumes the “human” to be a child. When the “human” attacks him after he frees it from the rubble, he’s a little discouraged because he didn’t suffer any damage from the attack and returns to the ship to continue repairs.

While repairing the ship, he notices the “human” was limping the same way he is. As a Sixamian-Green with a high percentage of his sub-race, he attempts to mend the injury and the “human” falls asleep.


Colony Drone #2474 thinks the female human was cold, so he gives her a hug to warm her up. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and the female human accuses Colony Drone #2474 of sexual harassment and hits him, making him a little sad because he thought humans were kind.

He’s then informed that being naked and walking around naked is not normal human behavior. Colony Drone #2474 then remembers human behavior regarding physical contact and realizes she might have been offended by his actions because they weren’t friends or anything more.

So he proposes–quite literally–to the female human so it would be okay to hug her.

She faints.


Colony Drone #8735 checks on the “human” he brought back to the ship intermittently to see how he’s recovering, but realizes a strange mutation is occurring at the site of injury. To help it adjust, he sets up an area to help soothe Foliorum-based mutations in hopes it would help.

When it does, he begins contemplating about how he never thought something he’d constantly do for himself would help others since no one else was like him, and starts describing the Foliorum species in general; After the Sixamians took over Nosenia, the planet the Foliorum are from, majority of its inhabitants were stripped of their once amazing abilities and the now-debilitated Foliorum are pushed into sex trafficking.

Colony Drone #8735 admits he’s able to do specific abilities the Foliorum were once able to do–But even though this unique trait is impossible and extraordinary for a Sixamian, he finds it pointless because there’s nothing happening on Sixam to warrant militarizing his abilities.

He goes on to explain how Sixamians wish to revert back to uniformity, but cannot because of all of their excessive mutations, and notes the reason they all wear biosuits is to mimic uniformity.

Colony Drone #2474 returns from surveillance and informs him that the “human” he was caring for is actually a dog.


We meet Laurel, an intern at a laboratory located in Oasis Springs, who recounts her unusual “dream” from the night before of meeting a nudist to her coworker and friend, Cassie. Still reeling from a recent breakup with her long time boyfriend David who she found out was cheating on her, she talks about how she thought they were going to get married.

She then thinks about how the stranger in her “dream” proposed to her, and feels even worse that her subconscious is still thinking about marriage when she feels less than hopeful about finding another person.


Michael, an 18-year-old daydreamer, spends the beginning of his first summer after graduating high school completely distraught. He’s lost his beloved dog, and has been searching for him with no leads of where he could’ve gone.

His close friend and long time crush Danika comes by to hang out for a while and to grill him about college.


Colony Drone #2474 helps repair Colony Drone #8735’s biosuit because his fluctuating emotions made him worried he’d drop dead. While repairing his biosuit, he notes that he would be better off obtaining a brand new suit versus fixing the one he has since it’ll sustain better in the long run, but Colony Drone #8735 mentions his inability to get another suit since he had already reached the maximum amount of replacement suits.

When questioned why he had already reached the maximum, Colony Drone #8735 notes that he consistently struggled hiding his natural form with the suit’s masking feature and that the irregularity caused the suits to malfunction and break. When Colony Drone #2474 passes that off as normal, Colony Drone #8735 grows upset and the suit breaks again.

They have a heart-to-heart about their genetic makeup, and Colony Drone #2474 expresses that returning to what they once were is a terrible move and that it’s something he wholeheartedly disagrees with. This response reassures Colony Drone #8735 of some of his anxieties about his origins.


While Colony Drone #2474 starts work on repairing Colony Drone #8735’s biosuit through unconventional means, Colony Drone #8735 is tasked with caring for the dog who was now stable.

Colony Drone #8735 starts watching movies about dogs to kind of understand them as well as monitoring the dog and its habits. He realizes that the dog gained some Foliorum attributes; It’s now blind, and doesn’t poop. Despite it being blind, the dog seemed to adjust to its new form and has no trouble navigating around the ship.

Colony Drone #8735 admits he likes giving it random stuff to eat and thinks it’s cute, but also finds it alarming that it’s disintegrating almost anything it puts in its mouth. He’s also not sure how to communicate with the dog since it’s blind and that he doesn’t know Earth’s home language.

Although he isn’t sure if the dog will develop more into its new Foliorum state, he is also happy with the dog’s company, finding its presence to be more reliable than another Sixamians.


Colony Drone #2474 finds mineral deposits he could use to fuel the ship nearby, and decides to leave the ship to get them. However, on his way there, he finds a loose magazine that reminds him how he’s supposed to wear clothes when he’s outside. However, he still thinks wearing clothes is stupid because it’s hot outside and it doesn’t seem to add up in his mind. While in thought, he finds the female human he met the night before, and decides to approach her again to ask her why wearing clothes is a thing since he doesn’t understand.

When he meets the female human again, he’s dragged into her house where she explains the neighborhood isn’t exactly nudist-friendly; But to Colony Drone #2474, he thinks she’s referring to him as a Sixamian, and that she’s aware of his actual identity. He removes his disguise when she sarcastically mentions him being “weird like some sort of alien,” believing that she’s a sympathizer to Sixamians and will not be hostile, only for her to faint again.

While she’s unconscious, Colony Drone #2474 decides to read her last thoughts. He finds out she was referring to him being a nudist versus him being an alien when she was sympathizing with him, as well as finding out that she had been daydreaming about being married to him in a fictional setting. However, despite the sea of miscommunication between them, he also realizes that this human female’s job allows her access to a place that seems to be filled with equipment he believes can be modified to help fix their ship.

Colony Drone #2474 deletes her memories about him and clones her ID and uniform, then begins making progress in infiltrating the lab she works at.


While cleaning and doing some minor repairs on the ship, Colony Drone #8735 begins thinking about what they’re going to do. His mind wanders to the thought that maybe Colony Drone #2474 might have noticed something unusual on Sixam and is preparing for the premise of war due to his enthusiasm with inventions.

When he finishes cleaning, he tries to call Colony Drone #2474 to tell him of his progress, but gets a call instead. When he answers, he realizes the call’s recipient was meant to be Colony Drone #2474. Because of the broken state of the ship, he finds out the microphone on his end was broken so he couldn’t relay that Colony Drone #2474 wasn’t there at the moment.

The caller, who was unknown to Colony Drone #8735, was angry and called himself Colony Drone #2474’s lover–And also identified himself as a pollination technician. The former made him feel guilty for checking him out and thinking Colony Drone #2474 was hot, and the latter made him terrified; Conniving with Pollination Technicians is considered an offense against the Birth Queen, so Colony Drone #2474 would be either killed or exiled if that information got out.

Despite wanting to die all the time, Colony Drone #8735 didn’t want to be on bad terms with one of the relatively okay Sixamians he knew.


Laurel wakes up feeling confused and groggy of what happened, but chalks it up as fatigue.

She heads to work and Cassie jokes around about Laurel’s recent “dream” about a nudist proposing to her to where she admits she doesn’t remember at all. While trying to figure out why her memory is so spotty, Cassie points out a new intern at their laboratory.

The intern, who introduces himself as Gideon Galloway, strikes her as someone familiar but also someone she doesn’t know. When he leaves and Laurel tries to think more about where she’s seen him before, she passes out momentarily from a strange migraine. When she wakes, she’s still confused and groggy, but even more confused because she can’t figure out what’s happening to her.


Colony Drone #2474 disguises as himself as a human named “Gideon Galloway” and infiltrates the laboratory the human female he met works in. Pretending he’s also a new intern, he meets several humans who receive him kindly, bolstering his enthusiasm to assimilate among the humans. Among them, he figures out the name of the human female he met before: Laurel.

While meeting these humans, he becomes intrigued by a gesture called a handshake. While showing his recent discovery with Colony Drone #8735, his junior informs him of the recent transmission he received from Colony Drone #2474’s supposed significant other. Despite bracing himself for Colony Drone #8735’s opposition to his association with Pollination Technicians, Colony Drone #8735 instead ironically tells him he shouldn’t put himself in danger because he should live.

Due to his unpredictable response, Colony Drone #2474 remembers he should’ve looked into the colony drone he was stranded with, and decides to read his files. However, he instead finds insufficient information about Colony Drone #8735.


While reeling from embarrassment from his recent outburst against Colony Drone #8735, he finds out the dog he mutated was able to share its thoughts and feelings to him the way Sixamians can.

Within the memories shared by the dog, he watches the dog comfort a human Colony Drone #8735 never saw before… Until the ships scans pick up another biosign–a larger biosign–approaching their ship. Curious if the sign is possibly an even larger dog, he investigates to find the human in the dog’s memories is within their vicinity.

In a panic to hide the ship, Colony Drone #8735 haphazardly replicates Colony Drone #2474’s invention in hopes it would mask the ship.


Michael wanders to an area, calling out his dog’s name. Hearing familiar noises of his dog approaching, Michael advances deep into a deserted, rocky field. When he hears an explosion, he panics for the safety of his dog and hurries over to the source–Only to pass out when he inhales too much of the fumes.

In a hazy dream, Michael finds himself in an unfamiliar forested area covered in auroras and fantastic scenery. Wandering around the area, Michael finds his dog; But as he tries to reach out to him, he finds his body covered in glowing scars. Suddenly waking from the dream, Michael is greeted with a bright green light, an unusually mossy surface, and a seemingly confused naked boy observing him.

After an equally odd exchange, Michael is lead to his dog by the naked stranger who names himself after the dog–Nico. Finding his dog blind with pulsing veins and two tails, Michael unconditionally accepts his dog’s new state, finding more relief in his safety than his new ability to levitate large rocks. Feeling gratitude for the strange boy, he offers to give him a ride home.


Colony Drone #2474 attempts to contact his brother on Sixam by utilizing the primitive Earth tools to create a stable connection. However, returning to his fake human job’s laboratory proves to be tough when his true form is found by the security officer Dean Smiley. Negating conflict by erasing Dean’s memories, Colony Drone #2474 successfully makes a call to Sixam–Only to find it intercepted by his childhood friend, Colony Drone #3971, who also claims to be his significant other.

Putting two and two together, Colony Drone #2474 realizes the “significant other” Colony Drone #8735 mentioned hearing a transmission from was none other than Colony Drone #3971. Enlisting the help of his childhood friend instead of his brother to investigate the background of his younger compatriot, he also asks for more information about the mysterious ship that attacked them.


Colony Drone #8735 follows a human named Michael to a trailer after he realizes he doesn’t know how to explain how to get back to Sixam by car. Reflecting back on the possibility that he might have destroyed the ship even further with his risky attempt to mask the ship using Colony Drone #2474’s invention, he grows worried.

As Colony Drone #8735 learns about clothes, glasses, and the stars from Michael, he finds out that Michael is able to hear his thoughts–A trait that no Sixamian has, but a race in Sixamian space has–The dhaen’aids. Finding it unusual such a trait exists on his person, he chalks it up to the many other traits he has as a high percentage Foliorum.


Laurel is chewed out by her mentor, feeling annoyed and disheartened about her career choice. When her new co-worker Gideon rejoins her and admits he had been busy doing other projects, she unloads her frustrations by blaming him for not helping her while she struggles. Suddenly regretting and expecting Gideon to retaliate, he instead asks Laurel to be friends.


Waking up from a night of stargazing, Michael begins to feel weird shifts in his emotions when his newly mutated dog attacks a visiting friend. Still wondering how he can hear his unusual acquaintance’s voice in his head, Michael somehow disregards the oddities and heads to a house party with Nico.


Returning from the laboratory, Colony Drone #2474 finds the ship in disarray and his junior compatriot missing. While examining the evidence left behind, he worries for Colony Drone #8735’s safety among humans. While in distress, he answers a call from his best friend, Colony Drone #3971, who offers information about his mysterious missing junior.

Colony Drone #3971 informs him of how Colony Drone #8735’s father was a pollination technician who had a child outside of Sixam–But not in the way pollination technicians would normally do it. Colony Drone #8735’s father had apparently managed to get an incompatible alien, a dhaen’aid, pregnant with his child. With this newfound information and his awareness of Colony Drone #8735’s unstable form, Colony Drone #2474 grows stronger in his resolve to find him.


Colony Drone #8735 attends a house party with Michael. With so many new things around him, he ponders about how to stop transmitting his thoughts to Michael. Arriving at the house party, he takes note of the many humans conglomerating at the house, as well as the amount of humans that appeared to be female.

While staring slack-jawed at one of them, he is approached by a female who invites him to eat with her.


On her day off, Laurel thinks about her encounter with her co-worker and fellow intern, Gideon. Feeling butterflies in her stomach from his unusually gentle actions, Laurel tries to get her mind out of the gutter when close friend Dean arrives at her house.

Zoning out from his rambling, Laurel is caught off guard when she finds Dean behind her, staining his shirt with lemonade. When Laurel tries to focus, Dean’s bare chest suddenly triggers an unconscious reaction. Confused how it came about, Laurel starts wondering what made her react that way.


At Kenny’s party, Michael is distracted by Nico’s intrusive thoughts echoing in his mind. Kenny tells Michael about his discomfort regarding Michael’s new acquaintance, but Michael seemingly brushes it off in favor of Nico–All because of a comment Kenny made about his dog.

35: ALLY*

Colony Drone #8735 is led to a bathroom by a female human who identifies herself as Jen, bracing himself to die at her hands. When death doesn’t occur and a make out session happens instead, Colony Drone #8735 finds himself feeling unusual sensations that he’d never felt before–As well as a sudden, quite literal, hunger.

When Jen suddenly moves away from him in a panic, Colony Drone #8735 somehow shifts her emotions and begins to feel less hungry after, yet not knowing why. Kenny manages getting into the bathroom and begins to attack Colony Drone #8735 under the impression that he’d done something to his sister. However, Michael manages reaching the bathroom to defend Colony Drone #8735.


Walking back to his camper, Michael nurses his bruised eye while trying to comfort Nico, who had been apologizing non-stop. When Michael notices his odd companion leaking weird green fluid from his mouth, Michael attempts to assist him in cleaning it off–But Nico misunderstands and instead kisses him instead. Holding back his annoyance, Michael dissects the situation and realizes there was no ill meaning, just that Nico lacks common sense.

With a display of abilities that looked magical, Michael’s questions were answered when he finds out that Nico actually is an alien, one that seems to want to die for some reason.


Despite being able to communicate to Sixam, Colony Drone #2474 finds himself bombarded with constant transmissions from Colony Drone #3971 on completely irrelevant topics. To keep himself busy, Colony Drone #2474 starts maintenance on the ship but quickly grows disheartened when the ship’s processes are almost unsalvageable.

While he was able to end them quickly before, he’s unable to end the latest transmission and is forced to listen to Colony Drone #3971’s declaration of love for the millionth time–But when he tells him his words are a waste of time, Colony Drone #2474 begins to regret it when Colony Drone #3971’s expressions turn sour, making him reflect on how he’s treating his friends.


Colony Drone #8735 returns to their temporary base with Michael, but is greeted with Colony Drone #2474’s primary form–And falls asleep to his touch. When he wakes, Colony Drone #8735 begins to worry for Michael when his older compatriot doesn’t answer his questions. Thinking of Michael, Colony Drone #8735 accesses the “Compass,” an ethereal, dream-like plane that connects all of Nosenia’s beings together–Whether they be dead or alive. Finding himself in front of Michael’s house, Colony Drone #8735 attempts to communicate with Michael, only to realize that he doesn’t remember him at all.

39: DOWN

Laurel watches her newest co-worker, Gideon, constantly bump into things the whole day. When she asks what’s been going on, Gideon asks her for advice about his nephew.


Michael meets up with his friends to figure out what took place several nights before. Everyone seems to have a spotty memory, and they all seem to get surges of headaches whenever they try and remember. He feels like he should be happy he’s with his dog again, but something seems amiss about him too.

When Jen mentions the headaches, Michael seems to somehow recall a part of the night they’ve all forgotten–But he passes out. When he comes to, Michael finds himself thirsty, his skin glistening, and his dog suddenly gone again.


Colony Drone #8735 enters the compass to find and apologize to Michael, only to become disheartened when he couldn’t find him. However, his feelings of distressed reach another being settled in the Compass–his birth mother. When Colony Drone #8735 wakes from the Compass, Colony Drone #2474 informs him of his true heritage, as well as the existence of an unusual protrusion growing from his forehead.


Colony Drone #2474’s worried for Colony Drone #8735; He appears to be mutating into a Dhaen’aid, and he isn’t sure how to help him. To get his mind focused on his reason for being on Earth, Colony Drone #2474 begins to think of ways to figure out how to pass as a human.


Laurel’s suddenly taken aback when Gideon asks her out on a date–Though excited, she can’t help but doubt. Dean invites him to their little get-together over the weekend to help the two of them out.


Michael wanders into an area and starts feeling bouts of deja vu. When he finds his dog, he starts hearing a voice–A voice in his head that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Somehow feeling pulled to the voice, Michael finds a weird, green body that was also familiar and unfamiliar. The voice sounded like someone he met–But when he tries to match the voice with the face, he wakes up in front of nothing; There was no green body, weird moss, or a lamp. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming, but what he does know is that he’s got weird scales that seem to go away in water.


Colony Drone #8735 is at a standstill when he feels like he should isolate himself for the betterment of humanity, but he still wants to remain friends with Michael. When he relays his feelings to Colony Drone #2474, he introduces a human gesture to him called a “hug.” Colony Drone #8735 finds the gesture comforting, and allows Colony Drone #2474 to empathize with him.

However, during the empathizing, Colony Drone #8735 sees the memory Colony Drone #2474 shared with him distort into a figure that looked like a younger version him–But as a dhaen’aid. When he wakes from the empathizing, he sees this unusual figure suddenly beside him, appearing like a ghost.


Colony Drone #2474 is worried for the safety of Colony Drone #8735 since he’s been telling him he’s seeing a little dhaen’aid everywhere. He decides to sought out help from his best bud, Colony Drone #3971, only to hesitate. He isn’t sure if he would forgive him for arguing with him before, but he tries anyway.

Colony Drone #2474 is forgiven by Colony Drone #3971, then is informed of not only an alternate theory of returning back to Sixam, but notice that his older half brother, Colony Drone #2471, is beginning to show signs of worry of Colony Drone #2474’s current whereabouts.


Colony Drone #8735 starts taking note of each instance he’d find the young dhaen’aid, only to realize that it was not a dhaen’aid at all, but his long deceased older twin brother.


Laurel’s trying to enjoy herself at Dean’s little get together, but she starts making herself depressed by thinking about her old flame, David. While daydreaming about David, she finds herself wandering into her co-worker Gideon’s arms, voicing out loud that she’d like to be with him instead.

While cringing to herself about her embarrassing display of affection to the nonchalant Gideon, Laurel is introduced to Nico, his nephew. However, she seems to hear Nico’s voice in her head.