Leykl System

The Sixamian solar system, also known as the “Leykl System” consists of seven primary planets and several dwarf planets that surround their sun, Leykl.

Primary Planets


A desert planet closest to Leykl. Once known for their oceans and river systems, Heluastea belonged to the Aurem, an ancient species of Sixamian space. Heluastea was once a planet of envy; But once its mass grew closer to Leykl, their oceans and river systems began to dry, and the predominant Aurem soon became extinct.


An extremely large gas giant. The gasses that make up its body are unusually malleable, making them a well-sought resource. Palapra is currently under the control of the Sixamian monarchy and is armed with extreme, volatile defenses. However, despite the automatic defense system, Palapra’s gases are oftentimes pirated by Etrobians to resell.


A planet predominantly covered in water, Callion is home to a majority of aquatic species. Also known as the ‘game’ planet, many of its residents are hunted down due to overpopulation. Regardless of their status, Callion’s residents are cheerful and welcoming to strangers. Home to the Velox, Ka’av, and Yaeca species.


A lush, jungle planet. Because of its location, Etrobos is the primary location for interplanetary trade. Filled with ports and venues for entertainment, the success of Etrobos is built on the backs of the simple Nav’od. Many dealings, majority underground, are done on Etrobos. The slave trade, run by the Brae’zek, is one of the most successful businesses on the planet.


A forested planet that mirrors the planet of Heluastea at its prime. If it were not for the Sixamians and the Etrobian Brae’zek, many would still believe this planet was nonexistent. Despite its beauty, this unusual paradise is known to be extremely volatile. This quiet planet is home to the thaumaturgic Foliorum, an amaurotic species close to extinction, and the lonely Dhaen’aids, an unusual species with a questionable population.

There are three moons associated with Nosenia: Irus, Viaturn, and Atretera.


A planet on the outskirts of the Leykl system, Sixam was once a desloate planet where the Aurem had banished imperfect young and abominations of their species. Now home to the variable and domineering Sixamians, they are ruled under a strict monarchy in a modernized civilization, enforcing their queen’s rule throughout the Yxalag Galaxy. Despite the planet lacking in many resources, Sixamians survived by terraforming parts of their planet.

There are two moons associated with planet Sixam: Vrih and Geter. With the inclusion of the dwarf planet, Neer, Sixamians use them as markers for time.


Known as Sixam’s sister planet, Xocrilles was a planet used as experimental training grounds by the (True) Sixamians. With its ecological system destroyed, Xocrilles was exhausted of its resources and is in the process of becoming a gas giant.

Dwarf Planets


Also considered Sixam’s moon by its placement, Neer is actually a small, ice-covered planet. There aren’t much resources on this planet, though Etrobians have been wanting to use Neer as an extended base for trade. Sixamians often use its placement in the skies to account for time. Unusual enough, some visiting species note the existence of Dhaen’aids on the surface.


A desolate planet with a similar topography to Sixam and Xocrilles before it had been ruined. With the closest planet being Heluastea, many believe that Yabos was the last escape route for the fallen Aurem. Sightings of an ophidian but extremely primitive species dubbed as the “Argenti” have been spotted on its surface on several occasions, but it is too far for any species to make the voyage to verify. Its unstable axis draws it farther away from Leykl with every rotation, and many believe it will soon lose itself and its placement.


A dwarf planet affected by the smog of Xocrilles, Gedulia was once a viable planet. Now with its oceans drying up, the planet has become ridden with an unusual amount of volcanic activity. It is home to a minor cannibalistic race referred to as the Vrazal. Due to its volatile residents and environment, Gedulia doesn’t have many visitors, nor do they welcome any.


A dwarf planet close to Etrobos. The Etrobians have been attempting to relocate to Diorde due to its similar planetary makeup; However, two preexisting alien races referred to as the Phorsair and the Faesles have been refusing Etrobian settlers, namely the Brae’zek, from entering. Despite its animosity against the Brae’zek, this pseudo vacation planet welcomes visitors.