Sixamian Biosuits

Biosuits are assigned to every colony drone, except for Females.

  • Female Sixamians are given the title of Birth Queen.
  • They are not assigned a biosuit, but are given an alternative item referred to as the Reduction Crown.
  • The crown has a similar function as a biosuit.

Biosuit Functionality

  • Regulation of Emotions
    • Sixamians are prone to having extreme, volatile emotions
    • Without the dampening feature of a biosuit, emotions can fluctuate and cause irregular thinking patterns
  • Stabilization of Secondary form
    • All Sixamians have variable physical features
    • As a cultural feature, many Sixamians adapt to a Secondary form in order to appear homologous
    • Due to their fluctuating emotions or possible physical properties that can otherwise deter them from maintaining their form, a biosuit assists the wearer to add more control
  • Biologic Function Maintenance
    • To make their society more efficient, Sixamian Biosuits help maintain and regulate bodily functions

Age and Ranking

Regardless of the biosuit type, the monochromatic tones refer to a colony drone’s general ranking versus their age.

  • However, their age oftentimes equates to their skill development anyway.
    • It’s still a possibility for someone younger to be a higher ranking official.
  • Their society functions primarily around a colony drone’s efficiency; How good they are in a specific field matters more than their physical maturity.
Seniority flows from left to right.
High ranking officials and senior officers (I), junior officers and registered apprentices (II), new graduates and unregistered apprentices (III)

Age doesn’t apply to male colony drones, nor does it bear any meaning to them whatsoever.

  • The only time it truly applies are for female heirs.
  • Since the populace of Sixam have variable genetics, the rate of being able to impregnate the Birth Queen during Election promotions varies.

Types of Biosuits

Each biosuit has variable differences regarding functionality and purpose.

  • Alpha (α) Biosuit
    • This uniform is casual wear for Sixamians under the Alpha title.
    • The only difference is a slight buff to their abilities.
    • The purpose is purely cosmetic, signifying that they’re an upper-class/higher ranking member of society.
  • Beta (β) Biosuit
    • This is the default, casual wear uniform for Sixamians.
    • Reserved for those that are not of the alpha title, otherwise the general population.
  • Gamma (γ) Biosuits
    • This uniform is for male colony drones who have not completed all of their PFP examinations.

Specialized Uniforms

Specific uniforms are assigned for each colony drone’s role, or job within their society.

See Colony Drone Roles.